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Funny People


Funny People is 2 movies that overlap each other. One of which, I wanted to see... the other I did not.

I really liked the story of the struggling comedian hired by a formerly successful 'has been' to write jokes for him and then finds out that he is dying. I was bored by the movie about said has been, trying to rekindle a romance with a former girlfriend who is now married with two kids.

The number of cameos alone is worth the price of admission... if you care. They don't have anything to do with the movie except that they are all 'funny people'... except for James Taylor... and Eminem...

Adam Sandler gives a strong dramatic performance and Seth Rogen shows us a different side. Don't be fooled by the title, folks, Funny People is a drama. It makes sense to me though; most comedies are about regular folks in funny situations. I think Apatow takes an interesting dramatic turn by putting funny people in a serious situation.

Funny People is unnecessarily long, and you never laugh hysterically or cry like a baby. It's only mildly emotional and wears out it's welcome at about 90 minutes in. That being said, I did enjoy it enough to recommend it. Weird, right?

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