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Knight and Day


I didn't hate Knight and Day, it was just too silly to recommend. The plot is overly complex for the type of movie the filmmakers wanted to make.

They tried to do too much in too short a running time. As a result, we got a choppy story with characters traveling the world in seemingly too short a period of time. Diaz's character develops the skills of a super-spy way too quickly; especially considering the fact that everything she needed to learn to turn into the person she is at the end of the movie only happens while she's unconscious. Cruise's character's solution to the fact that she clearly can't handle the life of a super-spy is to drug her... which is also the director's solution to the problem of getting them to another continent. Just about every transition is Diaz losing consciousness and then regaining it on the other side of the world.

Knight and Day is fun, but less believable than some of the most unbelievable action movies ever made.

Toy Story 3


Very unlike the marketing campaign for Shrek 4 (which may have actually been called "Shrek: The Final Chapter"), Disney/Pixar hasn't stated outright that this is the final Toy Story movie. I'm really hoping it is, though.

Not because I hate the characters and never want to see them again. While the gang could go on any number of adventures in the future, the emotional end to every one of them would be a repeat of the journeys that they've already taken. Toy Story 3 provides a satisfying conclusion to the series. The Toy Story saga is complete and other than to make money, there is no reason to make another movie starring these characters.

The trilogy has had messages ranging from friendship and family, to jealousy, to loss and moving on. Pixar has made family friendly films with mature themes and no pop-culture references. They have never sacrificed the integrity of the characters or the story and for these reasons, the Toy Story films are truly timeless.

I can't blame them for releasing Toy Story 3 in 3D, but there really is absolutely no reason for it to have been except for, again, money. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely go, but don't stress about seeing it in 3D. Just see it.

The A-Team


I felt like I came in in the middle of something. I was confused from the beginning and was too tired to try to figure out what was going on, but I was entertained enough by the action sequences and witty banter to give it another shot as a rental.

From what I can tell, The A-Team movie is a prequel to the 1980's series that shows why the team became fugitives. The action scenes in the movie were ridiculous and exciting, Murdock and Face were hysterically funny, but the story was almost non-existent... and was kind of irrelevant.

The A-Team is a minor success. I wasn't expecting much, but I got what i expected.

The Karate Kid


No... No, why would you remake this? It doesn't make any sense, there are plenty of terrible concepts that turned into terrible movies that could use another shot at becoming successful entertainment. The original Karate Kid was sufficiently entertaining there is NO reason to try and fix it.

I have an idea, instead of rebooting it for a new generation, just re-release the original. Responsible parents should have a list of well-made family friendly films that their kids should see. They should then, take time and sit down and watch these movies with their kids. What they shouldn't do is rely on Hollywood to convince your kids that they want to see a new movie and then send your kids to the theatre with their friends to watch an inferior version of an already successful film.

Even if you forget that there was an original, this is still a failed attempt at entertaining cinema. The child actors are bad, the timeline is surprisingly rushed for a 2 hour and 20 minute running time and it's filled with unnecessary sub-plots that muddle the actual storyline.

Don't waste your time on this remake. Rent the original if you don't already own it; it's a classic that can never be outdone.

Get Him to the Greek


Get Him to the Greek is a funny movie. It will not, however, have any lasting impact. It's no Hangover.

I was really hoping I'd get over this by now, but I still have a problem with the fact that Russell Brand plays the same character that he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but Jonah Hill doesn't. There are two very easy ways they could have resolved this. Hire a different actor to play Hill's part or have it be the same character. The guy was into music in the first one and was not shy about approaching celebrities. It's very possible that he could have networked his way into an entry level position in the music industry.

There were only a few laughs, but I did enjoy the whole movie. The only thing that I took from Get Him to the Greek is that "when life slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall." Which means nothing.

Robin Hood


...but to be fair, I slept through most of it. I'm curious as to how Universal got the exhibition industry to agree to the 7 month running time of the movie. I was expecting to see snow on the ground when I left the theatre.

Isn't the Robin Hood legend supposed to be a swashbuckling good time? I know this was technically a prequel, but come on, it's still Robin Hood. Lighten up a little bit.

I feel like the whole project was ill-conceived, anyway. I picture a sombre lunch meeting where Russell Crowe looks at Ridley Scott and says, "Remember Gladiator?"

Scott says "Yeah, those were some good times."

Crowe perks up a bit, "Let's do that again..."

"Well, we can't just make the same movie. Can we?"

They sit in silence, picking at the remnants of their meat lunch. Suddenly a weight is lifted as Crowe comes to an unfortunate realization.

"Why not?" says Crowe.

... and out of that meeting we got Robin Hood.