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Knight and Day


I didn't hate Knight and Day, it was just too silly to recommend. The plot is overly complex for the type of movie the filmmakers wanted to make.

They tried to do too much in too short a running time. As a result, we got a choppy story with characters traveling the world in seemingly too short a period of time. Diaz's character develops the skills of a super-spy way too quickly; especially considering the fact that everything she needed to learn to turn into the person she is at the end of the movie only happens while she's unconscious. Cruise's character's solution to the fact that she clearly can't handle the life of a super-spy is to drug her... which is also the director's solution to the problem of getting them to another continent. Just about every transition is Diaz losing consciousness and then regaining it on the other side of the world.

Knight and Day is fun, but less believable than some of the most unbelievable action movies ever made.

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