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Reprise was released in theatres on 5/16/08 and on DVD on 9/2/08.

Reprise is one of those films that would be perfect if I cared at all about the story. It's almost perfectly written and acted and the style of direction along with the editing kept me fully captivated throughout, but at the end, I just kinda wondered why it even existed. From about half way through I was waiting for some kind of a climax and nothing happened. It's really just the story of two guys who want to be authors.

Here is a synopsis that I pulled from

As Erik and Phillip, lifelong friends and aspiring novelists, stand in front of a mailbox clutching their manuscripts, our narrator takes a moment to speculate upon their futures. Surely both books will garner wild acclaim, lead to prolific careers, and inspire revolutions. In actuality, Phillip's is published and Erik's rejected. But it's Phillip who suffers the harsher fate. Overnight success and a budding, but obsessive, romance prove overwhelming, and he suffers a breakdown. Six months later, when he returns from a psychiatric hospital, Phillip tries to put his life back together, and Erik, having adopted a more measured approach to writing, attempts a literary rebound.
Joachim Trier's debut feature is a whimsical, intelligent reflection on friendship and youthful exuberance. His portrait of two young men for whom life and art occupy the same blurry space is full of honesty and carefully observed moments. And while its preoccupations are weighty (love, disappointment, self-doubt), Reprise is buoyed by visual flourish and an infectious energy. Its splashy, self-conscious style--a throwback to the French New Wave--mixes film stocks, delights in cinematic references, and employs flashbacks, flash-forwards, an unidentified narrator, and frequent detours to Paris (surely with a wink). And with a stellar young cast to boot, Reprise hits every mark, ushering in an exciting young filmmaker. --© Sundance Film Festival

That is the perfect description of the film; if it sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend you check it out. It is, however, in Norwegian with English subtitles, so if you don't dig foreign films, this might not be for you.

Space Chimps


Space Chimps was released in theatres on 7/18/08 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 11/25/08.

I just don't understand why Fox would even greenlight a project like this. They clearly had absolutely no faith in Space Chimps as proven by it's release date. I mean the success of The Dark Knight wasn't exactly shocking; even a good children's movie would have suffered. Space Chimps is total garbage from beginning to end. The animation is crap, the story is stupid, and the B-list celebrities performing the voices of these characters bring nothing to the table.

Space Chimps was a waste of time for everyone involved. Don't waste yours as well.

Shine a Light

I guess... if you dig the Stones.

Shine a Light was released in theatres on 4/4/08 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 10/17/08.

This is a movie about ugly people from the music world attempting to collaborate with ugly people from the movie world. But let me tell you, attractive or not, these are the best of music and movies. Even though I really don't dig The Rolling Stones, I was pretty enthralled throughout.

Since I don't really love The Rolling Stones, I feel I need to explain what I meant by "throughout" as used at the end of the last paragraph... I kinda fast forwarded through most of the songs. Not full out fast forward, it was a x1.5 fast forward during which I could still hear everything that was going on. Unfortunately this was more of a concert film than a documentary, so I spent a lot of the time in fast forward.

I loved the behind the scenes and archival footage (which were too few and far between) and as always, Scorsese has put together a masterful piece of cinema.

Transporter 3


I saw Transporter, but not Transporter 2. I didn't like Transporter and everyone says it's better than Transporter. I can't imagine it's worse than Transporter 3.

I'm not sure who they marketed the movie for, but it must have been written by a middle-aged woman or a gay man. Somehow, Jason Statham ends up shirtless, even in situations when you would be 100% sure he could not lose his shirt. All I'm saying is that all of the teenage boys who go to the theatre for an action packed rollercoaster ride of an adventure will most likely be off-put by the strip tease.

Other than that, the movie was pretty shitty. The action sequences are awful; I mean they were bad to begin with, but then they cut them up convoluted them in an effort to make them exciting. It might have actually worked if they hadn't dragged the action sequences out for so long that I realized what they were doing and then got bored. The director fell victim to his own ambition.

That being said, there really is little to like about Transporter 3. The acting is terrible, the action is ridiculous and the editing is too choppy to be considered "stylized". All of that might matter if the story was any good, but there really was no reason to make a third Transporter movie to begin with... or a second one for that matter.

Standard Operating Procedure


Standard Operating Procedure was released in theatres on 4/28/08 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 11/11/08.

I'm not really sure what the point of this documentary is. It's really not exploring any new territory. I'm pretty sure that at least 80% of the country is aware of the atrocities at Abu Graib and are also aware that while everyone involved acted in poor judgement, that they were actually doing what they were told to do by their superiors.

It is actually a very well made documentary, but as far as content is concerned... I really didn't learn anything new, nor did I care to hear all of the same information about the incidents that I already had heard.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Review coming soon... maybe.

... Yeah, I really have no desire to see Madagascar 2. I didn't like the first one so I probably won't see this one until it's out on DVD next year.


I think I hate Miley Cyrus... but that's only one of the problems I have with Bolt. No. You should not see Bolt... no.

I have a hard time with the concept that the dog thinks the TV show that he stars in is real. How could you possibly convince anyone... human or not that they had lasers shooting out of their eyes. How long have they been running this special effects based show, without rehearsing or reshooting anything... forget about the dog for a second... the humans are getting everything perfect every time? Doubtful... now throw an animal actor in there that is supposed to have very dangerous abilities all of which they need to actually create convincingly in order to keep up the illusion that Bolt actually has those abilities. Did he actally jump over a helicopter without wires? It just doesn't hold up.

Now I know what you're gonna say... "It's a cartoon!" or "It's a kids movie!"... suspension of disbelief has become unnecessary in the world of what I like to call, the Pixar standard. Yes, Wall-E is about a robot that saves the world, Nemo is about a fish from the ocean, that searches for and finds his son... who isn't in the ocean, and Toy Story is about, well, toys who are alive. They all have aspects to their stories that are absolutely unbelievable, but they all make sense in the world which they inhabit. Wall-E takes place 700(?) years int he future... anything is possible and with the progress of technology over the pas several years, sophisticated A.I. and commercial space travel aren't that ridiculous, nor is the state of the environment. Nemo's dad uses legitimate methods to get to his son. Are they exaggerated? Does the fact that all of the animals speak... and the same language help? Sure. My issue isn't with the fact that Bolt can talk though. Even given the ability to talk, if you're going to set something in the real world, you need to follow real world rules. Bolt's first instinct would be to bite his enemies, this is shown by the padded outfit his trainer wears when he is putting bolt back in his trailer. So why isn't the dog biting any of his enemies on the show. If the dog is going to karate chop his trainer in order to escape, there's no need for the bite suit. It's inconsistent, and as I said earlier, in a world where Pixar movies exist, inconsistencies are unacceptable.

As far as Ms. Cyrus is concerned, I turned on the TV the other day and Hannah Montana was on. I had never seen it before so I left it on to see what all the hullabaloo was about. Miley Cyrus is a horrible actress. Horrible. Everything is over exaggerated, her facial expressions, verbal expressions, actions... they are all over the top, and not in a good way. It was all i could think about while I was watching Bolt. Disney needs to ditch her ASAP. Eventually she's just gonna turn into Lindsey Lohan anyway, they really should get out while they are ahead.

Will kids love Bolt? Yes. If that's all that matters, then you should absolutely take them to see this decently animated adventure about an uncomfortably adorable dog. But this is not, by any means, a good movie. Not by Pixar standards.

Encounters at the End of the World


Encounters at the End of the World was released in theatres on 6/11/08 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 11/18/08.

I'm not really sure why this documentary got such good reviews. It's very boring. In fact, I think it made me boring. If you want to see beautiful landscapes and strange underwater creatures, there are plenty of less pretentious documentaries you can see... just turn on the discovery channel. It was difficult to take Herzog seriously with his ridiculously stereotypical German accent. If this movie were funny at all it could have been an SNL skit.



Transsiberian was released in theatres on 7/18/08 and on DVD and Blu-ray on 11/4/08.

The truth is it takes way too long for the plot to develop. I was really bored for the first 45-60 minutes of Transsiberian. The worst part is how predictable it is. Now I recognize the fact that I've seen 114 new movies this year alone; me complaining about predictability in movies is sort of asinine. If you aren't going to try for something original then you're movie doesn't need to be 2 hours long.

It's just another instance when if the main character would have just told the truth to begin with there might not have been a movie. Transsiberian was kind of a waste of time.

Mister Foe


Mister Foe was released in theatre on 9/5/08 and on DVD on 11/11/08.

There's a reason why some critically acclaimed movies don't get a wide release. The performances were pretty good across the board, specifically Jamie Bell's. His portrayal of Hallam Foe as a self aware sociopath is tragic and then uplifting. Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to identify with any of the characters and plot is pretty far fetched.

It's further evidence of Bell's stellar acting chops, but not worthy of a full length feature and certainly not worthy of your time.

Quantum of Solace


... but this is a direct sequel to the previous installment so if you haven't seen Casino Royale, rent that one first.

Bond's quest to avenge the death of his girlfriend leads him straight to a new set of bad guys and I'm not gonna lie... I don't really know what said villains were trying to do other than control land. I'm not sure what they were intending to do with it once they got it. I'm sure when I see it again it will become more clear, in the meantime, see it for yourself strictly for the intense, fast paced action sequences.

I was never a fan of the 007 films, but since Casino Royale, the films have taken on a new identity thanks to the directors (Martin Campbell and Marc Forster) and to writers and actors. It's transformed from the quirky, stylized suave secret agent fighting Dr. Evilesque villains to a British Bourne without the amnesia.

This Bond is darker in nature, but still gives you the traditions of the franchise like Bond girls, fancy cars, and fun toys. See it for a more sophisticated 007 experience, and if you figure out exactly what the evil plot is... please let me know.

Mamma Mia!

Review coming soon (unless I decide to watch The Dark Knight again instead).

UPDATE (7/30/08) I didn't see The Dark Knight again instead of Mamma Mia, but I still just couldn't bring myself to see Mamma Mia either. Maybe I'll go tonight.

UPDATE (11/13/08) I watched 17 minutes and 35 seconds of Mamma Mia and absolutely had to stop. It's hammy and terrible.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

... no.

I love Kevin Smith. I've loved Kevin Smith since Clerks. Unfortunately he can't seem to make a decent flick that isn't part of his View Askewniverse. He flubbed it with Jersey Girl and at the time I attributed it to the PG-13 rating. I fear it doesn't have much to do with the rating though, I think he just doesn't know how to write anyone other than New Jersey deadbeats included, but not limited to Jay and Silent Bob.

There were black jokes because they're trendy, vulgarity for vulgarity's sake and shit... too much shit. The performances are fine, but because of the writing we never really get to know the characters. It seems like we know them, but that's because they aren't really people, they're just stereotypes. Everyone of them is a stereotype and therefore no character development is necessary.

There were a few good laughs, but not enough to recommend that you go out and see it. It was a pretty big disappointment for me and I'm pretty sure the casual moviegoer will be a little bit let down as well.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed was released in theatres on 4/18/08 and on DVD on 10/21/08.

Ben Stein is a douche. This documentary is supposed to be a defence of the Intelligent Design theory, and yet, at no point does it show any evidence of why that theory is any more realistic than the theory of Evolution. It's goal is to disprove and discredit Darwinism using science and it's connection to Hitler. Unfortunately, he isn't able to make his theory any more probable as a result. Like in Religilous, Stein picks some of the most extreme Darwinists to make the theory look crazier than it is and the most sane seeming Creationists to prove his point. All of them claim that Intelligent Design has nothing to do with religion... but if that's the case, who did the the designing? None of the experts volunteer that information and Stein doesn't ask. The only explanation other than God would be aliens... which is a theory Stein scoffed at when it was in any way, shape, or form suggested in conjunction with Evolution.

He's also a terrible actor; whenever Hitler or the Holocaust is brought up, Stein hides his grimacing face in his hands as if it's the first he's hearing of such atrocities.

This is a horrible documentary. Anyone trying to prove a religious theory really needs to have some evidence. Disproving one theory doesn't prove a another one. You also shouldn't be Ben Stein... that guy is a douche.

Role Models


This comedy fits snugly into the tradition of the recent string of Judd Apatow hits... even without his attachment. It's a raunchy sex comedy with vulgar, shocking language, unnecessary nudity, and a heart of gold.

I saw Role Models on the same day that I watched The Promotion. The Seann William Scott marathon was not only accidental, but unwanted as well. Ever since American Pie, Scott has been playing varying degrees of Stiffler and it's gotten old. I suppose it also depends on the material that surrounds his character and the direction given to him, because while his character in Role Models is almost fully Stiffler... a Semi, if you will... he strayed from the character significantly in The Proposal and was tolerable in both films.

I'm a huge Paul Rudd fan. Maybe it's because of his unassuming look, but it's almost always shocking when he acts the way he does in movies like this and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, and The 40 Year Old Virgin. He has an innocent look about him unlike Seann William Scott who just looks mischievous. Rudd delivers some of the funniest lines in all of the movies he's in and Role Models is no exception.

The writers, one of whom is Paul Rudd, did an excellent job mixing obvious "dick and fart" jokes with a much more subtle, dry sense of humor. A lot of the gags get an immediate reaction and some of them make you think for a few seconds before you realize how funny the joke actually was. The formula holds true from beginning to end so there are absolutely no surprises to speak of, but it doesn't matter because the parts of the formula are handled with such originality that you don't care what will happen next, you just enjoy it moment to moment.

Soul Men


This could have been fun. I enjoyed whenever Bernie and Sam were on stage performing. When they weren't on stage performing, they were being truly offensive.

It was all boners and old people sex. Stupid humor. If there were teenagers doing the things that these two do in this movie it might have been acceptable. Unfortunately these men are too old for their behavior to be acceptable by anyone's standards. It's not funny... it's sad.

There won't be any posthumous awards for Mac or Issac Hayes. The best part of Soul Men, however, is the tribute to the late actor/comedian and musician at the end of the movie.

The Promotion


The Promotion was released in theatres on 6/6/08 and on DVD on 9/2/08.

I thought this was going to be funnier. That probably sounds like a bad thing. The truth is The Promotion is more of a "funny drama" than a "comedy with a message".

Everything about this movie was sufficient; there is nothing extraordinary about it. It was just enjoyable.


No, except to see Angelina Jolie's heartbreaking performance.

This is one of the most drawn out, anti-climactic movies of the year. With more, longer endings than Return of the King, I almost stood up to leave at least 6 times in the last 20 minutes of the movie. Not because I was disinterested, but just because I thought the story was over. Turns out it still had 10 years of story to tell.

Angelina will most likely be nominated for best lead actress and deservedly so. She ran the gambit of emotions and everyone of them was gut-wrenching. The rest of the performances were adequate, but none of them could change the fact that the movie is never-ending.

If you're like me and you like to see all of the Oscar nominees before the awards are announced, see Changeling, but don't expect a Picture or Director nod, it just wasn't good enough.