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Transporter 3


I saw Transporter, but not Transporter 2. I didn't like Transporter and everyone says it's better than Transporter. I can't imagine it's worse than Transporter 3.

I'm not sure who they marketed the movie for, but it must have been written by a middle-aged woman or a gay man. Somehow, Jason Statham ends up shirtless, even in situations when you would be 100% sure he could not lose his shirt. All I'm saying is that all of the teenage boys who go to the theatre for an action packed rollercoaster ride of an adventure will most likely be off-put by the strip tease.

Other than that, the movie was pretty shitty. The action sequences are awful; I mean they were bad to begin with, but then they cut them up convoluted them in an effort to make them exciting. It might have actually worked if they hadn't dragged the action sequences out for so long that I realized what they were doing and then got bored. The director fell victim to his own ambition.

That being said, there really is little to like about Transporter 3. The acting is terrible, the action is ridiculous and the editing is too choppy to be considered "stylized". All of that might matter if the story was any good, but there really was no reason to make a third Transporter movie to begin with... or a second one for that matter.

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