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Reprise was released in theatres on 5/16/08 and on DVD on 9/2/08.

Reprise is one of those films that would be perfect if I cared at all about the story. It's almost perfectly written and acted and the style of direction along with the editing kept me fully captivated throughout, but at the end, I just kinda wondered why it even existed. From about half way through I was waiting for some kind of a climax and nothing happened. It's really just the story of two guys who want to be authors.

Here is a synopsis that I pulled from

As Erik and Phillip, lifelong friends and aspiring novelists, stand in front of a mailbox clutching their manuscripts, our narrator takes a moment to speculate upon their futures. Surely both books will garner wild acclaim, lead to prolific careers, and inspire revolutions. In actuality, Phillip's is published and Erik's rejected. But it's Phillip who suffers the harsher fate. Overnight success and a budding, but obsessive, romance prove overwhelming, and he suffers a breakdown. Six months later, when he returns from a psychiatric hospital, Phillip tries to put his life back together, and Erik, having adopted a more measured approach to writing, attempts a literary rebound.
Joachim Trier's debut feature is a whimsical, intelligent reflection on friendship and youthful exuberance. His portrait of two young men for whom life and art occupy the same blurry space is full of honesty and carefully observed moments. And while its preoccupations are weighty (love, disappointment, self-doubt), Reprise is buoyed by visual flourish and an infectious energy. Its splashy, self-conscious style--a throwback to the French New Wave--mixes film stocks, delights in cinematic references, and employs flashbacks, flash-forwards, an unidentified narrator, and frequent detours to Paris (surely with a wink). And with a stellar young cast to boot, Reprise hits every mark, ushering in an exciting young filmmaker. --© Sundance Film Festival

That is the perfect description of the film; if it sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend you check it out. It is, however, in Norwegian with English subtitles, so if you don't dig foreign films, this might not be for you.

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