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So, I actually got to see this movie about a month in advance and I absolutely loved it. Then I saw a new trailer for it and there was a scene that I didn't remember from the movie. I figured they made some changes so I kinda wanted to see it again before I reviewed it.

That didn't happen :-(

Based on what I saw, which gave me every impression that it was the final product at the time, I very highly recommend Bridesmaids. Is it the female answer to The Hangover? ... maybe, but it's got too much heart to really call it that. Bridesmaids is really a movie about friendship at it's core and if it wanted to be considered The Hangover's sister, they really needed to lose that. That being said, I'm glad they didn't.

Bridesmaids will have you laughing so hard you can't breathe; it's got everything from raunchy sex jokes to diarrhea and vomit, but it still remains classy and true. Definitely go check out Bridesmaids, but if you do, PLEASE get snacks from the concession stand. That'd be great, thanks!

Priest 3D


I don't quite understand the concept behind the movie. The movie is based on a series of graphic novels, but I'm not sure where the hell those crazy Koreans came up with this mismatched mash-up of genres. Is it a western? Is it Science-Fiction? Is it Horror?

It's actually all of those plus post-apocalyptic adventure. The addition of warrior priests weirds the thing up to completion. Throughout the entire movie I kept thinking to myself, "... what...?"

Paul Bettany is actually kind of a good actor, so I'm thinking it's time he fired his agent. Whoever green lit this shit storm should also be let go. Please don't waste your money on this garbage!



More and more, I dread the thought of a another superhero's origin story. Even having known absolutely nothing about Thor and needing to see where he came from in order to understand his story, I still was entirely disinterested in this movie... Thor is just fluff. It's a puzzle piece and the picture on the box is the poster for The Avengers.

That being said, I kinda enjoyed it. It has moments of simple humor, relatively cool special effects. The main characters are very likable and there's little to no cringe-worthy dialogue.

If you have to see Thor in order to get the full picture prior to the main event next summer, it could have been a lot worse. If it turns out that I didn't need to see Thor to understand The Avengers, I won't necessarily be angry... but I definitely won't be surprised.