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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed was released in theatres on 4/18/08 and on DVD on 10/21/08.

Ben Stein is a douche. This documentary is supposed to be a defence of the Intelligent Design theory, and yet, at no point does it show any evidence of why that theory is any more realistic than the theory of Evolution. It's goal is to disprove and discredit Darwinism using science and it's connection to Hitler. Unfortunately, he isn't able to make his theory any more probable as a result. Like in Religilous, Stein picks some of the most extreme Darwinists to make the theory look crazier than it is and the most sane seeming Creationists to prove his point. All of them claim that Intelligent Design has nothing to do with religion... but if that's the case, who did the the designing? None of the experts volunteer that information and Stein doesn't ask. The only explanation other than God would be aliens... which is a theory Stein scoffed at when it was in any way, shape, or form suggested in conjunction with Evolution.

He's also a terrible actor; whenever Hitler or the Holocaust is brought up, Stein hides his grimacing face in his hands as if it's the first he's hearing of such atrocities.

This is a horrible documentary. Anyone trying to prove a religious theory really needs to have some evidence. Disproving one theory doesn't prove a another one. You also shouldn't be Ben Stein... that guy is a douche.

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Richard G. Lanzara, Ph.D. said...

I happen to like Ben Stein for his economic advice, but after your commentary, I still might like to see the movie if only to hear some of the arguements. In a larger sense, do we really know anything about "true" religion or do we only argue about the dogmas of organized religions? For those who seek true understanding through years of reading and research, I highly recommend my father's new book (”The Secret Life Of Jesus And Mary Magdalene” by Richard J. Lanzara). You can see the reveiw at the Barnes and Noble site ( ). Enjoy!