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Role Models


This comedy fits snugly into the tradition of the recent string of Judd Apatow hits... even without his attachment. It's a raunchy sex comedy with vulgar, shocking language, unnecessary nudity, and a heart of gold.

I saw Role Models on the same day that I watched The Promotion. The Seann William Scott marathon was not only accidental, but unwanted as well. Ever since American Pie, Scott has been playing varying degrees of Stiffler and it's gotten old. I suppose it also depends on the material that surrounds his character and the direction given to him, because while his character in Role Models is almost fully Stiffler... a Semi, if you will... he strayed from the character significantly in The Proposal and was tolerable in both films.

I'm a huge Paul Rudd fan. Maybe it's because of his unassuming look, but it's almost always shocking when he acts the way he does in movies like this and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, and The 40 Year Old Virgin. He has an innocent look about him unlike Seann William Scott who just looks mischievous. Rudd delivers some of the funniest lines in all of the movies he's in and Role Models is no exception.

The writers, one of whom is Paul Rudd, did an excellent job mixing obvious "dick and fart" jokes with a much more subtle, dry sense of humor. A lot of the gags get an immediate reaction and some of them make you think for a few seconds before you realize how funny the joke actually was. The formula holds true from beginning to end so there are absolutely no surprises to speak of, but it doesn't matter because the parts of the formula are handled with such originality that you don't care what will happen next, you just enjoy it moment to moment.

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