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Quantum of Solace


... but this is a direct sequel to the previous installment so if you haven't seen Casino Royale, rent that one first.

Bond's quest to avenge the death of his girlfriend leads him straight to a new set of bad guys and I'm not gonna lie... I don't really know what said villains were trying to do other than control land. I'm not sure what they were intending to do with it once they got it. I'm sure when I see it again it will become more clear, in the meantime, see it for yourself strictly for the intense, fast paced action sequences.

I was never a fan of the 007 films, but since Casino Royale, the films have taken on a new identity thanks to the directors (Martin Campbell and Marc Forster) and to writers and actors. It's transformed from the quirky, stylized suave secret agent fighting Dr. Evilesque villains to a British Bourne without the amnesia.

This Bond is darker in nature, but still gives you the traditions of the franchise like Bond girls, fancy cars, and fun toys. See it for a more sophisticated 007 experience, and if you figure out exactly what the evil plot is... please let me know.

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