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The Karate Kid


No... No, why would you remake this? It doesn't make any sense, there are plenty of terrible concepts that turned into terrible movies that could use another shot at becoming successful entertainment. The original Karate Kid was sufficiently entertaining there is NO reason to try and fix it.

I have an idea, instead of rebooting it for a new generation, just re-release the original. Responsible parents should have a list of well-made family friendly films that their kids should see. They should then, take time and sit down and watch these movies with their kids. What they shouldn't do is rely on Hollywood to convince your kids that they want to see a new movie and then send your kids to the theatre with their friends to watch an inferior version of an already successful film.

Even if you forget that there was an original, this is still a failed attempt at entertaining cinema. The child actors are bad, the timeline is surprisingly rushed for a 2 hour and 20 minute running time and it's filled with unnecessary sub-plots that muddle the actual storyline.

Don't waste your time on this remake. Rent the original if you don't already own it; it's a classic that can never be outdone.

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