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Robin Hood


...but to be fair, I slept through most of it. I'm curious as to how Universal got the exhibition industry to agree to the 7 month running time of the movie. I was expecting to see snow on the ground when I left the theatre.

Isn't the Robin Hood legend supposed to be a swashbuckling good time? I know this was technically a prequel, but come on, it's still Robin Hood. Lighten up a little bit.

I feel like the whole project was ill-conceived, anyway. I picture a sombre lunch meeting where Russell Crowe looks at Ridley Scott and says, "Remember Gladiator?"

Scott says "Yeah, those were some good times."

Crowe perks up a bit, "Let's do that again..."

"Well, we can't just make the same movie. Can we?"

They sit in silence, picking at the remnants of their meat lunch. Suddenly a weight is lifted as Crowe comes to an unfortunate realization.

"Why not?" says Crowe.

... and out of that meeting we got Robin Hood.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Was his accent as awful as everyone said it was?

Mike said...

I honestly don't recall. I slept through a good portion of it and the rest was me struggling to stay awake. I've never liked Russell Crowe; I'm sure it was as terrible as they say.