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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time


A valiant attempt by Jake Gyllenhaal to break into the action/fantasy genre. While he wasn't the worst part of Prince of Persia, he wasn't that great either. Once again, I'm not sure what Ben Kingsley was thinking when he decided to make this movie and the same can be said for Alfred Molina.

I didn't care about this movie going in, but hoped that the movie itself would have been able to change my mind; it wasn't.

On the Mummy scale with The Mummy 1 being the "best" and The Mummy 3 being the worst, Prince of Persia is just above The Mummy 2. If you liked The Mummy 2, you'll probably like Prince of Persia. If you liked the Mummy 3, Prince of Persia is your Lord of the Rings and, in your opinion, should win multiple Academy awards. Enjoy.


Ms☆Go (dcmoviegirl) said...


I love the opening line of your reviews.

Just perfect. :)

CMrok93 said...

Its fun, just nothing new. Check out my review for this here: