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Season of the Witch


I think the movie industry is the only group that doesn't believe in "starting the year off right". Season of the Witch is an enormously terrible piece of garbage.

My biggest issue is that Nicholas Cage is NOT the worst part of this movie. My biggest issue is actually with Stephen Graham. Stephen Graham is a british actor who has had roles in Gangs of New York, Snatch, and Public Enemies and most recently has been seen on Martin Scorsese's Boardwalk Empire playing Al Capone. I don't know why, but he uses the worst New York accent throughout the whole movie. I was expecting all of the actors to have British accents, but I guess when they realized that Cage and Ron Perlman couldn't do British accents, the decided it would be easier to have the British actors try to sound more like Cage and Perlman. That being said, I still hate Nicolas Cage. I also really hate Ron Perlman...

Season of the Witch is like a good Uwe Boll movie... and that's not a compliment. Once again, my message to the studio's is this: Stop making these crap movies and  spread out the good ones. People go to the movies all year round. If you make a good movie, they'll go see it no matter what time of year you release it.

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