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Battle: Los Angeles


Battle: LA is a pretty straight forward action flick. It's Saving Private Ryan with aliens. Gritty and realistic, the director succeeds in his attempt to merge the modern style shaky cam war footage like in The Hurt Locker with the special effects of an alien invasion.

The acting is not exactly top notch, but it's sort of covered up by the gunfire and explosions. There's really no story to speak of and I would have liked one, but I still didn't hate it.

Battle: LA definitely won't be anywheres near my top 20 at the end of this year, but it's still a fun ride.


Anonymous said...

This movie had no plot, it was overrated and horrible. It's a good thing you don't get paid to review movies because you suck badly at it. I'd just give up you barely have any followers either and you have been doing this forever. STICK TO YOUR DAY JOB DUDE!!!

Mike said...

Thanks man, real constructive. You make some interesting points when you say it had no plot and is overrated. I don't think I was able to cover those two points effectively with the sentence, "There's really no story to speak of and I would have liked one, but I still didn't hate it." That was such high praise that they were probably considering using it on the DVD cover... if only I had more followers.

As for my number of followers, you're right... I have very few. One of them is my brother, one of them is my sister-in-law, one is my friend who doesn't watch movies and one of them is actually me. That's right, I follow myself. I'm 99% sure that 3 of those 4 people aren't even "really" following the blog. I only know of two people who definitely are and you're one of them, so... maybe I should quit.

Wait a minute, I'm not really doing it for you... I'm doing it for me and for the one or two people who appreciate it. So, read it or don't, or maybe you should get a life that doesn't involve intentionally trying to hurt someone's feelings. If they have any sense at all they'll realize that you're just as sad and pathetic as you think they are.