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Four Christmases


Four Christmases officially seals Vince Vaughan's fate on my list of people in Hollywood who have no right being there. This is gonna seem harsh, but he joins the ever growing list which includes Keanu Reeves, Nicholas Cage, and the Bill's Paxton and Pullman. Vince Vaughn;s IMDB page should list all his performances under the "Self:" heading instead of the "Actor:" heading. He has never played a character in a movie, he only changes his name. His wiseassery has gotten him further than it should according to several of my school teachers should have gotten him nowhere. The scene at the end when he is apologizing to Reese Witherspoon for being an ass is the least sincere apology I've ever heard.

While Witherspoon is a very talented actress, this is a major drop in quality from her turn in Walk the Line, still, she hasn't disappointed to the same extent as Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx, Roberto Benigni, and Cuba Gooding Jr, because she built a career on movies like this and then proved she could act... won an Oscar... and then went back to normal. The others dropped to the level of Keanu Reeves, Nicholas Cage, and the Bill's Paxton and Pullman once they placed Oscar on their mantle.

What does Four Christmases have going for it? It's short. It's mildly original; Multiple Christmases is a fairly common concern at the holidays. Who's going where on Christmas Eve and Day is a major topic of conversation in my family every year starting before Thanksgiving. It's never been addressed in a movie to the extent that it is in this one, unfortunately, it was addressed in this movie and not in a good one. Finally, it is funny... sometimes. I laughed once or twice. For the last 20 minutes, however, you won't laugh once.

There are at least 48 hours of Christmas movies on every day this month an Lifetime, We, and TLC and while Four Christmases isn't as bad as much of what you'll see on those channels, they are free.

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