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Nothing Like the Holidays


Nothing Like the Holidays is a movie full of stupid, cliche characters in forced emotional moments. During the car ride after his cousins pick him up from the airport after his tour in Iraq, Jesse (Freddy Rodriguez) urgently yells at his cousin to "stop the car!". He opens the door and runs into a field, his cousins running after him, and suddenly comes to a halt. He just stands there and admires the view of the old baseball field and it's backdrop of the town he grew up in covered in snow. After the build up of the urgency and the emotion with which he ran from the car, I asked... out loud... "that's it?"

That was the opening scene and the rest of the movie was filled with scenes just like it. A family of such diverse characters (an actress, a lawyer, and a soldier) all coming to terms with the decisions they've made. As soon as you meet all of them, you know exactly what their conflicts will be and you'll know, at least partially, how they will be resolved.

Nothing Like the Holidays is the Latino version of The Family Stone from a couple of years ago and even that wasn't a very good movie.

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