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I Love You, Man


I loved I Love You, Man. It's the same style of comedy as anything Paul Rudd has done in the past few years, but it's slightly more subdued. The movie focuses on Klaven's (Paul Rudd) social awkwardness which is something I can relate to on the most advanced level possible. It's also about Fife's (Jason Segel) loneliness as a guy who's friends are all getting married and having kids, thus leaving him behind... also something I can relate to. I think the fact that I am a living, breathing combination of these two characters has bolstered my love for I Love You, Man.

Even for the emotionally stable, socially competent family man (or woman), this is a very funny movie. Mostly, I would imagine, because you know me or someone like me, but also because the relationships in the movie are universal. They're funny people doing funny things for funny reasons with funny outcomes.

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