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Fast & Furious

Umm... no.

I didn't hate Fast & Furious. To be honest, I think it might be the best of the four films in the franchise. The story is structured better than the first two and the third one... well the third one was more of what I expected all of the movies to be like (flashy cars, fast driving and scantily clad Asian women) but really had no strong story to speak of.

Fast & Furious kept me interested as far as the plot was concerned but the writing was pretty terrible. The acting was awful too, but to be fair they really didn't have anything to work with. This movie contains some of the worst dialogue of the year, but once they set foot in an automobile, you forget about the words the characters are saying and get lost in the action sequences.

So should you see Fast & Furious? No. Will you be disappointed that you did? Also, no.

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