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I think that, as a rule, I need to keep my expectations lower. When I saw Kick-Ass for the first time, I liked it, but I still felt that there was something missing. The characters aren't all that compelling and there didn't really seem to be all that much of a viable plot. Since that initial viewing, however, I've had to opportunity to rewatch several parts of the movie and I think I know what the problem is. This movie shouldn't have been called Kick-Ass...

... So here is my review of Hit Girl. Fucking awesome.

Let's be clear. This movie is a hard "R". It's bloody, violent, and vulgar, but those aren't even the reasons, in my opinion for the rating. There's drug-use and outdoor sex (by teens) and murder (by a pre-teen), not to mention the strong possibility of idiotic kids copying the ideas in the movie and trying to go out and fight crime. As an adult, I can tell you that, yes, those aspects of the movie made it what it was. If it were PG-13 it would absolutely NOT have been as good. The action scenes are intense and exciting and the dialogue is fun, however, Red Mist was horribly miscast and as always, I hate Nicholas Cage (although not as much in this movie as I usually do).

So is Kick-Ass kick-ass? Shit yeah.

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