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Charlie St. Cloud


There isn't much to say about Charlie St. Cloud. It is as the preview suggests. It's about getting women to swoon over a hot guy who is vulnerable, sad, or damaged. Zac Efron spends a significant portion of the movie in tears, manipulating his target audience into crying along with him.

I, however, was completely unmoved. There wasn't a whole lot of setup. I didn't care enough about the characters before the accident to be affected by their struggle to move on... and it was not the fault of the actors. Efron does exactly what the story calls for. He plays a good looking, brooding, mysterious graveyard caretaker, who was once unbeatable in a sailing race, better than baseball camp for practicing, an excellent cook, can talk to the dead, and is capable of stitching up a wound, which is always helpful after he destroys in a bar fight, and does so convincingly, believe it or not. Unfortunately, the writing and directing took his hard work and flushed it down the tubes.

The whole thing was choppier than the stormy waters that swallow up Efron's love interest's boat. It was even choppier than that last sentence. I honestly don't know whose fault it is. Ignoring the fact that the story was kind of lame, it was just a terrible movie that wasn't made well. The script is corny and manipulative, the directing choppy and indulgent, and the movie was edited so poorly that there were times that I couldn't quite figure out how we had gotten to that point.

Don't bother with Charlie St. Cloud. I know it's been a while since we've had this kind of movie to fill the void left by Dear John, The Last Song and Letters to Juliet... Just re-watch those on DVD.

1 comment:

Maurice Mitchell said...

Not surprising. It seemed pretty lame to me anyway. Hard to believe the kids from "High School Movie" aren't doing Shakespeare.