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Scream 4


Let's get something out of the way. Scream is one of my favorite movies of all time. Scream 2 left a lot to be desired and Scream 3 was terrible.

While Scream 4 could never be as good as the original, it's light years better than 2 and 3.

The latest installment is comparable to the original in enjoyability, acting level, direction, and dialogue quality. Where 4 drops the ball is in the "spoofing" aspect of the film. They didn't take the "reboot" theme or the "torture porn" theme far enough to mimic the point of the original film which was really supposed to be mocking the concept while still being a high quality film within the genre.

There were a few missed opportunities that I wish they had given me the opportunity to consult them about, but when all is said and done, Scream 4 is a perfectly acceptable addition to the franchise.

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