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Valentine's Day

Actually, if you turn ValentiNe's Day into a game it's not half bad... a game called "Which character is gay?" They did a pretty good job tricking me into thinking that the person I originally thought was gay actually wasn't. It was subtle, but strong... I didn't fall for it though, and ultimately, I won the game.

For those of you who don't like games, however, ValentiNNNNe's Day will be tedious. Don't forget that with so many different story lines, they all still need to be resolved and they do, resolve, every, last, story, line... ... ... ... ... ... At one point they went back to a story line that I thought they had already resolved and resolved it again.

In the entire 2 hours and 5 minutes, there was one, (ONE !) touching moment the rest of it was cotton candy. Too much sugary sweet cotton candy. You know what happens when you eat too much cotton candy? That's right... you get sick. You get sick all over the floor...

... so, no... you should not see ValentiNe's Day.

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