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The Social Network


The Social Network Deserves the 97% "Fresh" rating it's earned on It's a very good, well crafted film. I learned, however, that just because I movie rates high on RT doesn't mean it's the best movie ever. It simply means that several critics thought it was a very good movie.

When this movie was first in development, my initial reaction to the thought of a Facebook movie was the same as my reaction to the thought of a Monopoly movie... which is real and being directed by Ridley Scott. Once i learned that it was about the creation of the website and not just some romantic comedy set in some Facebook world, and that David Fincher was at the helm, I was immediately onboard.

After a single viewing of The Social Network, my one complaint is that it lacks emotion. The characters are all intelligent fast talking and quirky, specifically Zuckerberg who seems mildly autistic in the way he's portrayed. When I watch it again, I have a feeling that I'm going to notice some things that I didn't see the first time around.

What's absolutely mind-boggling to me is why Senior Citizens are flocking to see this. There is a significant amount of dialogue about code writing and computer hacking that even I, a computer savvy thirty-something with a blog, couldn't understand. I feel like a lot of older folk are seeing this because they heard it was good, and then are saying things like "It was wonderful" so as not to come across as irrelevant.

The Social Network is essentially a Rock n Roll movie for a nerds. It's stylish, clever, and well written, directed and acted. If you haven't already, go check out The Social Network.

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