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Charlie Bartlett

No. I wanted, so much, for the answer to be yes... but No.

When I saw the first trailer for this movie (almost a year ago), I thought this looked like Ferris Bueller for a new generation. It's release date was set for August 2007 and I had every intention of seeing it. But it never came out. I kind of forgot about it and half expected to see a direct-to-video release date for it.

Well I guess the studios panicked when the writer's strike went on for so long because here it is, seven months after its original release date, and now we can all see why it was pushed back/almost not released. This movie doesn't know what kind of movie it wants to be. It's a dark comedy, then it turns into a raunchy teen comedy, at some point it tries (unsuccessfully) to be Dead Poets Society...

For an R rated movie it really has absolutely NO balls. There's implied sex. A suicide attempt that is resolved sit-com style (within three scenes). A kid falls in a pool from a second story deck, hits his head on a diving board and needs to be rescued from the bottom of the pool... and then goes to the high school play. There are naked girls running through the school that you only see from behind for (literally) a split second.

The acting is fine, I guess, but who cares. The screenplay, the direction and the editing are all way to shotty to recommend this confused, inaccurate, and reserved piece of garbage.

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