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No. But I really hope you're not to surprised to hear that.

I mean, we've already seen this movie with Soccer, Car Racing, and Figure Skating. That's not even bringing up movies not staring Will Ferrell, like The Comebacks, Dodgeball, and Balls of Fury.

Now don't get me wrong, with the exception of Balls of Fury, all of the movies listed above have at least one funny line/gag in the movie. I even chuckled once or twice during this one, but should you waste two hours of your life to get a cheap laugh? NO.

The worst part is, towards the end I couldn't tell if the movie was starting to take itself seriously or not. The coach gives an uplifting pep talk in the locker room and there isn't a single fart, burp or sexual innuendo during the whole thing. Was this a spoof of this kind of scene from a "real" sports movie? Maybe... but it wasn't funny.

For those of you who insist on seeing this even though I'm urging you not to, I have four words for you to remember: "Jive Turkey" and "Patti Labelle". These will be the only two scenes that make you laugh out loud. The rest of it just drags on for way too long.

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