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NO!!! yes.

I'm embarrassed to say it, but I kinda liked it a little bit.

Now please don't get me wrong. This is not a very good movie. The dialogue is crappy and the acting is terrible. Hayden Christiansen is horrific (as usual) Sammy J. phones it in again. Jamie Bell is good, actually he tends to be good in whatever he does (see Billy Elliot and The Chumscrubber). Rachel Bilson was good in the two movies I've seen her in (this one included).

If one new anything about cinematography, one might say that if you can make standing on top of the Sphinx seem like it's not such a big deal... you've failed as a cinematographer. See, what you don't know about the shot used in the poster, is that the camera continues to pan out showing the pyramids and the rest of the Egyptian landscape, and when it stops, it looks like standing on top of the Sphinx head is comparable to climbing on top of a car.

It also seemed like two kids were (very enthusiastically) coming up with the story as the movie progressed:

"...and then, what if, what if they have this machine... and if they turn the machine on right where someone 'jumped' from, they can follow the 'jumper' to where ever he went?"

"but how would they know that a 'jumper' had been there?"

"Well, they have this aerosol spray can, that if they spray it, they can hear whats going on at the other end of the wormhole that the 'jumper' went through."

...and scene.

That's the kind of shit we're dealing with here... and yet (I'm sad to say) it still just drew me in. I'm not really sure what's wrong with me. I think I'm gonna go see a psychiatrist in the morning. And what was with Sam Jackson's hair? Is he from the future? I'm ranting. This was a terrible movie. I liked it though. Something is seriously wrong with me. You should go see Jumper. NO!!! fine, yes.

**UPDATE** I think I'm OK... do not under any circumstances pay to see this movie... yeah, I'm good.

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Mr. Cinco said...

Tears are streaming down my face from laughing. Classic!