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Sure, why not.

You may find yourself writing the story in your mind and you will always be one scene ahead of the movie. The formula stays the course from beginning to end and doesn't deviate. You know exactly when the nerdy friends are gonna start getting pissed at their much less stereotypically nerdy friend for abandoning them, and you know exactly when he's gonna get the girl. You know when the lead is gonna lose his cool and realize that he's "not the same person" as he was when the movie started and you know the bad guy is gonna get his comeuppance.

So if it's so predictable, why should you see it? It's a movie about some very smart, good looking people beating the system... a system that we all wish we could beat. They win a lot of money and spend it on a lot of things we would like to spend money on. It's a fantasy that we all wish we could fulfill. Throw in the colorful scenery and flashing lights of Vegas and you have a feel good movie for everybody. This movie doesn't even come close to the border of PG-13 and R. It's safely in the PG-13 range so even kids can see it. It is rated PG-13 for a reason, though. There is a small amount of violence (which is shown in the trailer) and the beginning of a sex scene, so it isn't completely innocent. They even go to a strip club where there is, apparently, no nudity allowed.

Just see it, I'm sure you'll have fun.

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