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It's not anti-war. Some of the characters are anti-war, but the movie doesn't come off as a diatribe on "where we went wrong" or "what we're really doing over there." It's actually more of a pro-troop movie... and who isn't "pro-troop" (besides the Westboro Baptist church)?

The acting is adequate. The cast and director do a good job showing why soldiers do what they do, the brotherhood that develops within the squad and the psychological impact that war can have on a soldier.

This movie isn't "based on a true story". If it's accurate... if soldiers are being forced into a second, third, and fourth tour just because there aren't enough volunteers to take their place, that's troubling. On the other hand, the film may be provoking the issue. If I were considering a career in the military as a means to get an education, or for any reason, and then I saw this movie and I found out that I may be forced to extend my contract with the U.S. government, I would be less likely to enlist. Putting this story out there may be inadvertently creating more stories just like it.

UPDATE - So, I was at work and this guy came into the theatre in full military uniform. I assumed he was there to see Stop-Loss, but what I didn't assume is that he had just returned home Afghanistan, thinking he was done, only to find out that he had been stop-lossed. He is going to Iraq next month. It just kinda made the whole thing real. Plus "If it's accurate..." can be removed from the statement in the last paragraph. It's accurate.

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