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This really falls into the middle category (between "yes" and "no") of "if you're into this kind of thing...". I really can't recommend this to anyone who wants for a recomendation for a good movie. If you just want to have a good time, and you're into post-apocalyptic style blood-baths, rent it. There is nothing about this movie that makes the theatre experience necessary.

I haven't seen Mad Max, but I imagine that Doomsday is comparable. There are no twists or turns, the characters expect to be in harms way when they go in, and they are. Everything is spelled out for us from the get and everything goes as planned if not for a few bumps along the way.

The only interesting aspect of the movie is the "theme" of the two different societies that are formed once they lose all connection with their government and the outside world. One group of survivors centers their way of life around the British punkrock culture and the other reverts back to feudal times building their new villages around castles. If this seems lame to you, you're not alone. I realize that I'm digging.

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