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The Spiderwick Chronicles

Yes... but not in theatres... if you have to pay.

There is nothing wrong with this movie per se. It's a second rate fantasy kids movie with second rate special effects and second rate acting. "Second rate", however, is about the best you're gonna get from almost any movie that's released in January or February. Does that make it OK? No, but if you go in expecting crap, you won't be too disappointed when you leave. The screenplay is mediocre at best; constantly reiterating the rules of the world that the author never really finished creating (or the film makers weren't capable of conveying on screen).

This is by no means a good movie, but if you leave your brain at the door and accept what you are seeing, you'll probably have a good time.

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Mariah said...

I would agree with that- only mabe not the last sentence. But I'm told I'm a very skeptical person.