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Definitely, Maybe

Definitely. (ech)

If romantic comedies must exist, this is the only acceptable kind. There's no unnecessary slapstick humor, no unbelievable, amazing coincidences. There are no tangled webs of lies or uncomfortable love triangles.

I just lied, actually. Some of the things above are in the movie, but they are so subtle that you can simply sit back and enjoy their presence instead of being slapped across the face with them. Definitely, Maybe never needs to resort to typical romantic comedy dredge, like animals looking away in embarrassment, mistaken identities that go on for far too long, or that combination of poor time management skills and cowardice that lead to the main character being forced to be on two dates at the same time in the same restaurant (ugh). There's also never an ironic conversation between the characters who ultimately end up together, about fate and how two people who are destined to be together blah blah blah.

The trailer made this movie look corny and predictable, but the performances are understated and the dialogue is sharp. In the tradition of romantic comedies whose titles are two words separated by a comma, Definitely, Maybe is definitely worth a look. Maybe.

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