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In Bruges


In Bruges is more of a drama than a comedy. When it's funny, it's laugh out loud funny. When it's not... it's gravely serious, so serious in fact that I can hardly call it a dark comedy (which is how it's being advertised).

Colin Farrell is very good at delivering the funny and the not so funny, his character is well written and believable. Brendan Gleeson is a weathered hitman dealing with a newbie who has royally screwed up his first hit and is desperately in need of a vacation. He runs the gambit of emotion with subtelty and finesse.

In Bruges is a diamond in the rough. With choices like Fool's Gold, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, and Step Up 2 the Streets (to be fair, I haven't seen any of those), it's amazing to me that In Bruges isn't selling out shows on 3,000 screens.

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