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Iron Man

Absolutely, yes.

There are certain genres that I hate... I happen to have a soft spot for superhero movies. This makes it all the more difficult when I'm anticipating a release and it ends up being... Daredevil, Hulk, Electra or Spider-man 3.

I had mediocre expectations for Iron Man. I knew, literally, nothing about the comic book. I have no idea how accurate the movie is in its protrayal of the origins of Iron Man. I viewed it strictly as a movie and I really enjoyed it.

Since there aren't a lot of special effects sequences, the movie relied heavily on the performances of the actors. Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges were all very good in their roles. Robert Downey, Jr. wins the prize, though. (There is no prize.) Everytime he was on the screen I was engaged. Iron Man had realistic characters inhabiting a realistic world with realisticish technologies. Although the technology that provides Iron Man with his suit is obviously impossible (so far), it doesn't seem so unrealistic in the world that director Jon Favreau has built.

Speaking of the technologies, the special effects were phenomonal. The final battle sequence was perfect in length as opposed to a movie like Transformers, which I thought was a little drawn out at the end.

If the story sucks, then what's the point, right? Tony Stark didn't need to build a gold alloy mechanical suit in order for this to be a good movie, he could have become a political activist. It wouldn't have been a summer blockbuster, but it still would have had the potential to be a good movie, the story holds up on its own.

Some of the people in the theatre said that they were disappointed that it wasn't more like the comic book, but a 45 year old story needs to be updated and I think this one updated well... go see it.

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