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Speed Racer

... yeah...

I saw Speed Racer in IMAX and to be honest, I don't know if it made the experience any better or worse. I was surprised that the aspect ratio was the same as it would have been on a regular screen. There were a lot of cars crashing and flipping over each other that might have been easier to see on a smaller screen. It was, however, very cool to see the cars and various aircraft coming at you at such immense speeds on the overlarge screen.

The movie itself was 20-30 minutes too long. One of the things that I mentioned in my review of Iron Man was that the final action sequence wasn't too long and that that was something that I appreciated. I feel like action movie directors of the past two years have chosen action and special effects over story and substance. While the Wachowski Brothers didn't necessarily choose one over the other for Speed Racer, it seems like they had very little faith in their emotional storyline and attempted to compensate for that with overlong car race sequences. If they had cut out 5 minutes of emotional parent-child dialogue and 20-25 minutes of racing, the movie would have been a little more tolerable.

The only other issue that I had with the movie is the lack of explanation for the Racer family's incredible self defense skills. It was like Speed, Pops, and Trixie were all black belts and never took a class (that I know of.)

Speed Racer is a stylish, fastpaced, family friendly movie that is a major step down in quality from Iron Man, but a welcome addition to the summer season.

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