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The Strangers

Do you like horror movies? The answer to that question is the answer to whether or not you should see The Strangers.

I liked it. Unlike The Hottie and the Nottie, there is absolutely nothing original about this movie. This is your stereotypical "black lady yelling at the dumb white girl on the screen" movie. You know exactly what is going to happen every step of the way.

The first official "attack" is intense and prolonged and the shaky cam style of shooting the film is extremely effective. I think that the fact that it is rated R tremendously adds to the suspense. I have a serious problem with PG-13 horror movies. You know right away that there won't be any sex/nudity or gore in it and that it is going to rely heavily on cheap shots at making you jump. I finally see a benefit to them though. I've become so comfortable watching PG-13 horror movies that now whenever I see an R rated one it adds to the suspense. While you may know what's going to happen, you don't know how extreme it will be. This movie didn't have any sex/nudity and it wasn't overly gory, but just the fact that they gave it an R rating made you question how far the killers would go and what the filmmakers would show.

I do have a few complaints. The Strangers, believe it or not, is not perfect. The first two, I've mentioned already. The predictability and the idiocy of the main characters. It's mind boggling how someone could be so thickheaded so as to not believe someone when they tell you that there are people trying to get into the house. Especially if the person trying to convince you has resorted to hiding in a corner with a very large knife. My biggest issue however is that the killers are either ghosts or ninjas. The way they can be standing in the middle of the road, and then when the camera pans away from them for a moment, they can be gone by the time the camera turns to that area again is remarkable... or impossible, I'm not sure.

It boils down to whether you like to be scared. Occasionally I do, so I did enjoy The Strangers.

1 comment:

mike! said...

This movie total stunk in my opinion. Also this movie came out already last year , it was called Vacancy and it was better. This movie was boring and i couldnt wait to see this cause it looked total freaky , too bad.