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The Incredible Hulk

Surprisingly (to me) yes.

Ed Norton is good in pretty much everything he's in. Liv Tyler is her pouty, whiny self as always.

The Incredible Hulk is exactly what Ang Lee's version should have been. Speaking of which, I really should thank Mr. Lee for lowering my expectations for this new version. When this movie opened with flashbacks of Bruce Banner being exposed to gamma rays and then went straight into the story of him in hiding from the U.S. government, I actually panicked a little and thought that they might reference the previous incarnation... thankfully they did not. If you haven't seen the last movie, don't. If you have, wipe it from your memory because there is no need to suffer through recalling what happened in it. Just pretend, as The Incredible Hulk's filmmakers have, that Ang Lee's Hulk never existed.

The special effects are good, the performances are good, the direction is good (even though I had never heard of the director before). It's just a good movie.

The scene that should have been after the credits is actually before them so there's no need to wait... and it is a very pleasant surprise. It looks like Marvel is putting something together here that could be unbelievably great. They need to secure the actors from all of these movies and not mess the whole thing up before it gets to where it is, clearly, going. This summer may be the best Superhero summer ever... as long as The Dark Knight lives up to it's hype... and it will.

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