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District 9


One of the things that gets me pumped about going to the movies, is when a film maker has a truly original idea. With at least 250 movies being released each year, it's an enormous feat to say the least. It's not really fair, but since originality is so lacking I can be harsh in my opinion when a new idea is brought to the screen. First, because I would hope that the innovator is also a visionary and that they would go out of their way to put the best representation of their story on the screen. More importantly, while it may have been their idea, it's a waste of originality if it sucks. No one else can make that movie without people comparing it to the original film, even if they think the rip-off was a superior version. When you have a new idea, DO IT GOOD!

They didn't do District 9 good. My biggest problem is how it devolved from a really good idea, with the potential for cultural exploration and social commentary, into a brainless action movie. Also, realizing that it might have been counter intuitive even for me (the critic), they probably should have cast a big name action star in the role. I didn't like/believe the actor in the lead role and I definitely think it would have benefited from the star power. Finally, there were several plot issues that just didn't make sense and some that needed to be fleshed out more and saved for the sequel.

District 9 is an extremely original film with great special effects, but they really dropped the ball when it came to the story and "human" portions the film's execution (writing, acting, and directing).

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