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This is really just an insult to kids. I never got into any of Robert Rodriguez's movies. Not the Desperado series, or the Spy Kids movies. I didn't really expect to like Shorts, but I really didn't expect to hate it either... and man, did I hate it. I got up and walked out of the theatre 3 times. I couldn't leave until the end of the movie and it made me feel like I was being punished.

It's really bizarre. Shorts seems like what you would get if Quentin Tarantino directed a family movie because the story was told out of order. It was all crass dialogue, lowbrow humor and over-the-top acting. It was just awful, so I feel silly bringing anything specific up, but there is a point when the kids are holding the wishing rock while they are being chased by bipedal alligators and it takes them what felt like four hours to realize that they could wish themselves out of the situation.

I can't even think about this anymore. It's terrible, don't watch it.

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