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A Perfect Getaway


I'll write more soon, but it was imperative that I put something on here so that you don't go see this crap... stay away from A Perfect Getaway at all costs.

More to come...

So, I really didn't want to revisit A Perfect Getaway long enough to complete this review, but I'm going to force myself through it with a short list of assumptions followed by a short list of facts.

- This was directed by a first time director.
- Everyone involved in making A Perfect Getaway thinks that the general public is, on average, dumber than a post.
- Steve Zahn and Milla Jovavich are hard up for cash.

- Milla Jovavich is one of the worst actresses on the planet; lacking both talent and personality.
- The screenwriter has absolutely no respect for the art of filmmaking.
- The director of A Perfect Getaway will never win an award, ever, save for a Razzie or two.
- A Perfect Getaway is the worst movie of the year.

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