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Post Grad


This movie is not acceptable for anyone. I know that when they were writing, filming, and editing Post Grad, I was the furthest thing from their mind, but it sure doesn't feel that way. I'm white, have a wacky family, a job that doesn't support my lifestyle, and want everyone to feel bad for me. It's like they're telling my life story... The fact is that I'm pretty sure the filmmakers don't even know who their target demographic was.

If they're looking to lure in post grads or anybody at all, Alexis Bledel was the wrong choice. She is completely unconvincing as anything, let alone a human being. She certainly isn't capable of conveying the plight of an unemployed college graduate... to be honest, I didn't really believe her as a high school graduate looking for her pants. She's not really capable of portraying a character with more than one dimension, and that really is a "must-have" characteristic of any actor, in any movie, ever.

Let's talk about the supporting cast for a moment. WHAT?!? Michael Keaton? Jane Lynch?? Carol Burnett??? Rodrigo Santoro???? It's sad enough to see Carol Burnett being put out to pasture like this, but I was destroyed to see the final half of Lost's Nikki and Paolo juggernaut being reduced to a soulless wisp of a character with absolutely no substance. First Nikki in A Perfect Getaway... now this???

On a serious note, I think the creators of Post Grad had this movie backwards, if there really is one here at all. If I'm a producer, and you come to me with the idea for what Post Grad ended up being... I laugh in your face. If you come to me with Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch, and Carol Burnett as the main characters in a movie where the daughter graduating from college and moving back home is a subplot... and starring almost anyone but Alexis Bledel... you're on a much less rocky path to the big screen. I will never understand how some movies get green-lit...

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