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hmmm... yeah....

... but only because it's so short. 9 has the animation of a Pixar movie and the dialogue of a Japanese Anime movie. If you've read my reviews of Up and Ponyo, you'd know that this is a very mixed review.

The animation is stunning, making this 79 minute feature a sight to behold, but the screenplay leaves a lot to be desired. There isn't much speaking and when they talk, the characters speak in bursts like, "We have to go after him", and "Look out!". It seems like the screenplay had been written for a family adventure film, but the animation was too dark and scary for a PG rating. There are very few engaging, thought-provoking, or compelling interactions between the characters and so the only device this movie has to grab hold of you with is the beautifully rendered animation.

At the end of the movie I had a strong sense of indifference as to how I had just spent the last hour and 20 minutes. I shrugged my shoulders, got up and left. I know this isn't a stirring recommendation, but I do think it has some good ideas and some amazing visuals. If the screenplay were better, I would be giving 9 a rave review.

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