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I think I'm more embarrassed than anything else. I'm also mildly disappointed because Office Space was so good, but mostly embarrassed. Whenever anyone would ask me if I thought this was going to be good, I would say that since Office Space was so funny, I couldn't imagine that this wouldn't be. I was wrong and now people who hadn't seen Office Space probably won't go out of their way to see it... which is a shame.

Extract doesn't really ever go anywhere. The story isn't over yet (not that I would have liked the movie to go on for longer). The main character is stuck in cycle of unhappiness that we see up until a pseudo-resolution masquerading as a happy ending. Anyone who believes that the end of Extract is a happy one needs to look into the future a little bit further. Nothing changed for anyone during the course of the film so there is no reason for it to have been made.

Ben Affleck was terrible, Kristin Wiig's talent was wasted along with J.K. Simmons, and Bateman played the role in accordance with how Mike Judge wanted it, but the surrounding characters hadn't been properly fleshed out for his contribution to be appreciated.

Extract is basically another comedy that takes relatively the same situations as Employee of the Month, Waiting..., Clerks, and so on and so forth, and sets them in an extract factory. Not original. Not funny. Not worth your time and money.

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