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Brooklyn's Finest

Ugh, no.

There's a certain sense of sarcasm that you get from the title after having seen Brooklyn's Finest that you might not necessarily pick up on before seeing it.

These are, for the most part, evil, but at an absolute minimum, unethical people and we are meant to relate with them and feel bad for them. I didn't feel bad for any one of them. They all signed up for something and when it doesn't turn out how they dreamed it would, they start breaking the law. It's not OK just because you're desperate or lonely or scared.

The acting is average, the direction is kind of "blah", and the story is... non-existent. This cliche ridden screenplay starts with the burnt out cop who wakes up to a whiskey filled breakfast and ends when he finds purpose just as he's about to kill himself. Literally, nothing happens throughout the first hour or so of the movie and when something does happen, you'll most likely feel like the emptiness of the first hour wasn't worth sitting through for what eventually came.

This movie was set up as counter-programming to Alice in Wonderland and probably wouldn't have performed at the box office at all if it were put up against and other 'grown-up' fare. Don't waste your time on Brooklyn's Finest.

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