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Alice in Wonderland

No. If someone were to as me to describe Alice in Wonderland in one word, it would be "lacking".

Alice in Wonderland is as visually invigorating as you would expect from any Tim Burton film, unfortunately it's richness is severely diluted by it's lack character development, boring storyline, and it's overall wonderlessness.

The first two are clearly the fault of the screenwriter, but the worst offense is the "by numbers" approach that Burton took in his direction. It's almost as if he was really just phoning it in, using the same actors and composer he always uses... I think he even used the tree and windmill from Sleepy Hollow.

We are all, for the most part, familiar with these characters. We remember them from the original Disney animated classic and a few of you may actually have read the books. I remember the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the Tweedles. They're quirky... strange... but I'll tell you what, I knew plenty of quirky characters in high school. If I passed them on the street today and they started telling me about all of their problems, I honestly wouldn't give a shit and would probably be fidgety, looking for an excuse to continue on my way. I was very fidgety while watching Alice in Wonderland. I honestly didn't care about any of the characters because, even though I didn't need any character origin stories, I still needed to see some kind of emotional development. They were all just two dimensional cartoon characters behaving strangely.

I wish I had better news, I was really looking forward to Burton's vision of this wacky story. Unfortunately, no... you should not see Alice in Wonderland.

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