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Repo Men


Repo Men is just an excuse to release a blood splattered movie in theatres.

There are so many different approaches they could have taken with the subject matter to make the film relevant in today's society. The new Health Care craze and the nation's current economic crisis could have both been analyzed through the clever concept for this movie. Neither were.

Even the most basic concept or morality is only briefly explored with Remy's (Jude Law) wife's decision to leave him if he didn't transfer to the sales team and get out of the repossession department. Even that's a pretty weak gesture since that implies that if she turns a blind eye, everything is OK. I was really hoping that the ethics of the company that repossesses your organs if you can't pay back your loan would play a role in the plot of the movie. It didn't.

Having watched this movie free of charge, it's difficult for me to say that I didn't at least enjoy watching it play out. I was hoping for a whole lot more and if I had payed to see it, I would have been furious.

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