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Drag Me to Hell


Don't be afraid to admit that you loved Drag Me to Hell. When the movie ended, one of the people I saw it with exclaimed how bad it was and everyone else just kind of walked out of the theatre quietly. As I was walking out I admitted to how much fun I had watching it and the rest of the group just kind of fell into place with statements like "I actually kinda liked it" and "I don't think it was terrible...". So let me save you the time, breath, and the embarrassment of having to recant your negativity by saying: "You really liked Drag Me to Hell".

I found myself laughing about it, alone, in the car on the way home. What was that slime in the dead lady's mouth and how did Allison Lohman's character not vomit all over the place?!?

The movie was a little slow going at first but ended up being so funny it's scary. Drag Me to Hell is horror the way it should be done... tongue-in-cheek. It was laugh-out-loud scary. (That's what my quote would be in the newspaper ads for the movie if I was a legitimate film critic.) If you dig campy, funny, ridiculous, horror movies see Drag Me to Hell. At the end of the movie, chuckle and say "That was pretty fun, I really liked that". Because it was, and you did.

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