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Terminator: Salvation

No, no, no, no, No.

Unless I'm mistaken, apparently Cyberdine Technologies had been preparing for the coming of John Connor since long before they could possibly have known about him. I can't be positive since I'm still a little fuzzy about the plot because I was distracted by all of the special effects. That's right, I said there are too many special effects in the new Terminator movie; so many that they completely overshadowed the story.

From what I could tell, it was a simple "Let's get 'em" scenario which is a little disappointing considering all of the possibilities. When you give characters knowledge of the future, you might want to have them use that knowledge at some point to attempt to change it. They didn't do that though. John Connor and the resistance were still just being reactive instead of being proactive.

Moving away from the story now; the writing was terrible and was extremely detrimental to the quality of the acting. I imagine it would be difficult to convincingly deliver some of the campy, unrealistic, and over-the-top phrases heard in this movie so I'm willing to give the majority of the cast the benefit of the doubt. I do want to mention Sam Worthington, an Australian actor who is an unknown in America, but soon will be a household name. He was really the only "good" part of the movie. Worthington and the special effects (of which there were too many). So to sum up... Worthington - good, special effects - good, acting - OK i guess, story - bad, writing - awful.

Alternatives to Terminator: Salvation - The Terminator, T2: Judgement Day, or The Matrix

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