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Star Trek


So it's a little nerdy, so what? Star Trek is a great movie.

I didn't think I could hate George Lucas more than I did yesterday. I was wrong. I HATE HIM WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS!!!! Why is it that J.J. Abrams, a man who's experience includes mysterious time travelling islands, secret spies, impossible missions and... Felicity, can create a smart, realistic looking, funny, intense, and exciting prequel to a space saga that he had nothing to do with, but George Lucas turns his own creation, a brilliant legacy that he had left to the world, into nothing more than a clown show for children and simpletons. I mean, the special effects alone are enough to make a recommendation. I don't think there was a single character in the whole movie that was computer animated. Not one. The space battles, the snow monsters, the action sequences... the all looked real... weird... I guess Star TREK is what you get when you have a director who actually cares about the story, the characters and the fans and not ONLY the money.

Star Trek is almost perfect. I say "almost" after a single viewing because the hype may have gotten to me; it's possible that it's better than I thought it was. If Star Trek turns out to be only as good as I think it is now, then it's still a great movie. I kind of felt that the plot was a little thin but it might just be because I was expecting more. I will be seeing it again and I'm fairly certain that I'll enjoy it more the second time.

The special effects and the story aside, I have to mention the cast... holy shit... it's like they got young, current, hip clones of the original cast. Specifically Kirk and Spock. It really is uncanny how Chris Pine and Zachery Quinto were able to summon these characters. I thought all great characters from space adventure movies were whiny cry-baby kids who threw temper tantrums whenever they didn't get their way from the Jedi council when they were young... did I mention that I hate George Lucas? My point is that the casting was perfect, the special effects were perfect, and the plot might have been perfect.

If you're planning on skipping this just because it's Star Trek, you may want to reconsider. They did an exceptional job making this entry accessible to the uninitiated. I have no intention of rewatching any of the original 6 movies in the franchise as a result of this success, but I am eager to see what will come of the series with it's new cast and Abrams in the captains chair.

I hate George Lucas.

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