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Up (2D and 3D)


Another brilliantly rendered, emotionally wrenching, colorful, funny, exciting, sad, perfect addition to Disney/Pixar's library.

Up is absolutely beautiful. The life story of Carl Fredrickson and his wife Ellie is the most heartbreaking story ever animated. The story of a boy from a broken marraige looking for an accepting father figure tugs at the heart as well. These two poignant tales and a great intercontinental adventure are the ingredients for a heartwarming journey of friendship and self discovery that only Pixar could have brought to life so magnificentally.

Of course there are some problems. It wouldn't be right to rave about a film and not bring up the most obvious plot issues. The worst offense this film commits is trying to convince us that a 78 year old man and 8 year old fat kid could physically do the things that the two main characters in Up were doing. I suppose if you're willing to accept the fact that they are flying a house attached to thousands of balloons, you should probably be willing to let their age and physical prowess go. I was, however, confused by the age difference between Carl and his childhood hero. When Carl is a boy, Muntz is an adult and already exploring the world... when Carl is a 78 year old man, Muntz actually looks younger than Carl.

These are two minor flaws in an otherwise perfect exhibition of comedy, drama, action and adventure. Once again, I'm torn over what should take the top spot on my "Best Movies of 2009" list. Last year at this point it was between WALL-E and Iron Man, a Paramount picture. This year Up is vying for the #1 spot with Star Trek... also Paramount. I don't think Star Trek stands a chance.

By the way, I've seen Up in 2D and 3D... while the 3D effect is cool, it doesn't really add all that much to the film. Since the story is always the prominent feature in Pixar films, the fact that it's beautifully animated is just a bonus. The 3D is a double bonus but not necessary for complete enjoyment of the movie.

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